Loving the nation that is England

If you time it right, England is stunning. When you don’t time it right, it’s a grey rainy place to be! It can be a pretty picnic in the countryside or a wet weekend on a cold beach in Clacton.

England in the summer is a good place to be. It is NOT too warm, the vegetation is green and not dried up and the air is fresh and full of promise!

Preferring to visit the seaside when I’m in England I enjoy the fresh sea air! There is a lot of choice around the British Isles – but my favourite is in the county of Devon. I often go back for the cream teas and the country gardens!

Last year we were invited to an English wedding!

I love to travel! During my travels recently I found myself attending a wedding in one of the prettiest parts of the world – my favourite place called Devon. The weather was sunny. Scenery to die for here is what any photographer would love and I couldn’t resist! I wandered round taking some photos for my collection on UK travelling.

How pretty everyone looked especially the bride and her bridesmaids. The tiny flower girl was the cutest sight – she could barely walk but managed to stay on her feet – if only somewhat precariously!

After the ceremony in a local church, we headed back to the wedding marquee.

Tucking in to an English Cream tea or 2!

As we sat down and said hi to our new friends at the table we explained how we knew the bride and groom. We listened intently to how they met when they were at uni together where the couple met. He studied Economics and she, Biology. Maybe it was the other way round.

We all got stuck into a delicious cream tea. They were cleverly assembled from the lightest scones and the best local cream. Topped with the fruitiest of strawberry jams, these were little patties from heaven! They were so light and Moorish that I checked with everyone if they’d mind me going in for a second scone!

When we laughed at the speeches

Afterwards we all raised our glasses and toasted the couple. The speeches were brilliant! They were hilarious! We felt so privileged to be a part of their wedding day.


Time for the First Dance!

Later on the band took to the stage and the couple surprised everyone with their rehearsed dance routine!! Everyone loved it! The song was by John Legend. We were amazed as we didn’t know that either of them could dance so well!!!

Afterwards the band kept us dancing. They played pop tunes that we all knew like Bruno Mars (24 karat) and Earth Wind and Fire (September).

Time to cut the cake!

Now it was time for everyone to gather around the wedding cake! All four fluffy layers of it! A tiny version of our friends made from icing sat at the top and the rest of the cake was covered in sweet irresistible iced flowers! Somebody whispered it was made by a local cake designer! And said that there was something for everybody in it! I can’t resist cake!!

Look, there’s a photo booth!

A bit later on we saw a queue and out of curiosity joined it. After a couple of minutes, we realised we had attached ourselves to the line for the photo booth!!

A few minutes in we went complete with silly hats and ears and posed for the camera! Within seconds out swished our photo strip! That’s going in my collection I thought as I quickly pocketed it!

It was really popular! We took the business card!

We’ve been to weddings before and they all seem to have a photo booth. This one looked like a vw van but you can get them to look like English taxicabs, red buses and all sorts!

I was amazed at how popular it was. It looked like so much fun! It wasn’t long before my curiosity got the better of me. Here I was wondering what was needed to build a photo booth.


Excuse me. How does this photo booth work?

The attendant kindly showed me what equipment he used and peeled back a cover. Inside was a neat box with the workings of the booth all attached to it.

There was a DSLR camera. He said this would need to be ideally a DSLR 1100, 1200 or 1300.

The ISO (which affects the camera’s sensitivity to light) needs to be increased to a higher number when the photos appear too bright or you need to lower the number if they are too dark.

There is an external flash but the attendant told me that many other photo booths run on an LED lighting system.

Also there is a light bulb to increase the light in the booth. The attendant mentioned it was important to keep it a few feet away from the subject to avoid red eye.

Last but not least, the photo booth’s operating system was an i3 processor computer. This would however not be enough to cope with a green screen – in that case I would need an i5 processor, he said.

I came along to the wedding to enjoy myself and to take a few photos. But I left with a lot more than that! I now know how to build a wonderful photo booth!!


Who’s up for building a photo booth?

I wonder if anyone has actually tried to make a DIY photo booth.

It’s funny how popular photo booths are. These days everybody wants to take a ‘selfie’ on their phones but they enjoy doing just that but in a funny big structure that looks like a van!

Judging by my experience in the photo booth, it is not just about having a photo to take away – it’s about having fun and dressing up! We loved it! Maybe one day we will have a go at making a photo booth!