Welcome to Heart2Heart Photography

I ‘heart’ photography!

Hello! I am so pleased to launch my brand new website focusing on the joy I have for photography and art – or put simply, making pictures!

Loving travel as well as enjoying new experiences, I delight in the art form of recording my experiences through pictures. It will be fun to share them here and with others in the big wide world.

As well as photographic pictures, I enjoy scribbling away in my sketchbooks. In addition I enjoy writing all about my relationship to the world around me!

pic/ A beautiful loch in the north of Scotland

Am I a photographer? Recording and creating images spurs me on and I use a camera to do this. I enjoy recording images for references of various kinds through different mediums. This is what to me photography is all about. Developing photos myself these days is not something that I do.  In my world, it’s best to just whizz them out via my home printing network.

pic/ The Grand Canyon – unbelievable experience

It’s about the memories

I have travelled around the world – from the lofty heights of the Highlands of Scotland to Scafell Pike and Windermere in the Lake District. At the Pitons of St Lucia and the Grand Canyon of Arizona I’ve fervently sketched every detail I could see. Also I have dipped my toes in the cooling waters of Lake Garda, the Mediterranean and the Adriatic.

It’s good to soar over the Thames on the London Eye. On the Devon coast roamed the skies over the English Riviera in Torquay. And I’ve bolstered my nerve climbing over the Madeira port of Funchal. I have wandered the bleak and the more isolated of destinations over the moors of Devon and Cornwall.

pic/ Dartmoor National Park tor

Whilst I love to do all of that – I love nothing better than coming home. Where I like to revisit my colourful memories and begin planning my next world encounter!

When I can’t travel I make the most of the time to look back on old memories. Thinking about the people and places my life has crossed paths with. Although these do not add up to a whole lot – they are all treasured and enjoyed through my collection of images.

I am an ‘old school’ photo album keeper. My preference is to flick through pages of my carefully collated photos rather than scrolling down files and files of digital images. But I still use Photoshop when it’s needed or dip in and out of Lightroom occasionally.

Ever since I was about 14 years old I have been keen on the idea of taking photos as a way to hang on to fond memories. I would snap away with my trusted Halina camera with actual film (110mm)!

These were the days when I would send off a roll of film to the likes of Prontaprint and Fujifilm and for a few pounds, by return of post a week later, my exciting package of prints would arrive! I miss that!


My first photograph

I think my first photo was of our French supply teacher Gilbert (actually from France). We all fancied Monsieur G despite his being very strict. That’s teenagers for you!!

As well as being nearer our ages (estimated 24) he had the added benefit of not reeking of cigarettes and prunes. Actually that is a good tip for the education boards, to ensure all teenagers attend their lessons and to eradicate truancy once and for all – make sure teachers look like rock stars!

That was my first photograph – a sort of greeny coloured photo of Monsieur Gilbert taken in lower hall at high school. You never forget your first photo! Sadly it is no longer with me but I remember the effort to persuade him to let me take the photo! It’s as though it were yesterday instead of almost 40 years ago! I wonder what he’s doing now?

My second photo

My second was a selfie of me acting the fool! This was often the case! In my full uniform and prefect sash! My hair looked like a triangle of humidified tight curls. I couldn’t control my hair! Mix the weather of a humid climate with curly hair and anything can happen! Catastrophe knows no bounds!

pic/ Glastonbury Tor – spiritual attraction

Why I like to take photographs

So from there my need to take photos grew. Not being one of those types who takes photos of everything I do prefer to sketch or paint if I have the time and there is somewhere safe to do it. To look at beautiful views without the compulsion to take a photo of it is a lesson I’ve had to learn.


pic/ a foal on Dartmoor – so cute!

Like a pair of foals galloping in a field playing and dancing in the morning light. That is a sight that you never forget nor want to.

Or when I see swans flying I just want to watch them gracefully fly overhead. And they do. I don’t need a photo of that to remember how I felt the day I saw it and to me that is the most important thing!

As my journeys continue I hope that I may enjoy gathering my world of pictures – old and new!